Apple is one of the most successful brands in the world. Almost all of their products succeed in the market and create immediate buzz once they’re announced. It has revealed an almost exceptional revenue growth from 2004 to 2014 and continues to do exceedingly well. A large part of the organization’s success comes from their marketing strategies. To succeed, companies can apply Apple’s marketing strategies below to their own businesses.

Reexamine the need to advertise

Apple depends on two approaches in marketing. These approaches are product placement and buzz generated from the media’s positive reviews. People on social media and in pop culture often talk enough about Apple’s products that they do not have to spend energy on marketing to make sure people are aware of the products they offer.

Shun away from price wars by stressing your company’s unique value proposition

Competing on prices might negatively affect the business resulting in a battle at the bottom and could lead to you losing money. Apple utilizes the unique value proposition strategy. The approach gets fueled throughout social media. It provides Apple’s market share and competitive advantage. The company does not compete for prices.

Keep products and marketing simple

Apple knows that the consumers sometimes get overwhelmed, which leads to market mix confusion. Therefore, the company simplifies their sales and web copy. They avoid industry terms by using simple and direct words that any consumer can understand. The company also emphasizes the benefits their product offers in a way that convinces consumers they need it.

Know the clients and use their language

On their website, the company features beautiful images of their products and straightforward large-font. It clearly tells clients about the benefits of the products. The layout is simple and aesthetically minimal, so there’s not too much information to take in at once.

The company also knows its clients and has established trustworthiness in their marketplace. They know exactly how to converse with their customers in a language that enables them to become comfortable and trust Apple.

Create a better consumer experience

The organization has established an experience that surpasses the retail store acquisition. The Apple experience involves details from every feature of the purchase process. When you entire one of their stores, you receive careful attention from people working in the store. If you ever have an issue with your product, you know their great customer service can help you out.

Connect emotionally and create a consumer community

The company connects emotionally with their clients. This tactic makes their marketing strategy successful. It also created a hardcore fan base for their brand. Additionally, the organization has built a brand culture and personality which is cool, exciting, and friendly. Its marketing approach involves making their clients want to be part of their community.