S’wonderful… S’marvelous… Ok, those are the words of a song, and not exactly real, but in the world of marketing, Smarketing is actually a thing. (I promise I didn’t make it up) Here are 3 terms that have the word “Marketing” in them and are, of course, about marketing! So buckle up buttercup, let’s get smart about Smarketing, I mean marketing! 


Partner Marketing

Partner marketing is exactly as it sounds; two or more organizations coming together to market with a combined effort to help each other meet their goals. The companies will collaborate together and may have products that come as a package that may not normally be together. The end result should be more opportunities and leads for both.



If someone has visited your site or gone so far as to take action (email sign up, placed an item in their shopping cart, etc.), remarketing places a cookie in the user’s browser so they can have ads targeted directly to them. For example, if you really loved a shirt on a website and you clicked on it but didn’t buy it, you may find that shirt popping up as you scroll through Instagram or Facebook. 



If you’re a big marketing organization, you get to make up words, and Hubspot did that with this term. Smarketing refers to making sure that all the parties that contribute to a customer’s success are in alignment from start to finish. Your business needs to ensure that branding and goals are consistent through the entire sales process and Smarketing is the word that encompasses all of it. 


There are many different aspects to marketing and in this case terms within terms. At the end of the day, marketing is about reaching each company’s goals and making those connections to ensure a successful future.


Photo by Merakist on Unsplash