Lisa Laporte

is the CEO of Artisanal Agency, an Internet ad sales company.

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3 Marketing Terms: Part 1

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Lisa Laporte headshot

Lisa Laporte is the CEO of Artisanal Agency, an Internet ad sales company that works closely with clients and networks to develop win-win relationships by delivering ads that super-serve our networks audiences. Together, Lisa and the team at Artisanal Agency heavily vet all potential clients and carefully match networks with clients. Lisa believes in paying careful attention to clients and delivering the best experience possible to them, which is why Artisanal Agency works so closely with their clients and networks. High-quality customer service is the best way to cultivate client satisfaction, a principle Lisa lives by.

During her formative business years, Lisa Laporte didn’t consider sales to be one of her strengths. Initially, Lisa dedicated herself to business consulting and developing startups and gained plenty of experience in those areas. While working in business consulting and development, Lisa learned many valuable lessons that she found can be applied to all industries and aspects of business, not just the ones she was working in at the time. While she was continually gaining irreplaceable experience, it wasn’t until her years at, did Lisa Laporte find herself invested in sales. Dissatisfied with the sales team at the time, Lisa made the executive decision to take on inside sales at TWiT, a monumental task, but not one that she found overwhelming.  Lisa then made it her prerogative to use what she knew about TWiT’s audience and content, to match compatible products, services, and brands.

The success Lisa Laporte found in directing sales at TWiT, inspired her to launch Artisanal Agency and continue utilizing the knowledge she’d acquired. Lisa wanted to be able to share her experience in sales with other podcast networks and help them excel in their industry and reach their goals. By mirroring the process that was established for TWiT, Lisa Laporte successfully helps networks become ad-supported. Through her assistance, podcasters are able to fully focus on creating content, while Lisa and the Artisanal Agency team concentrate on matching quality advertisers to their audiences, allowing podcasters to focus on the craft they’re truly passionate about.

As the CEO of an ad sales company, Lisa Laporte’s mission is to help high-integrity podcast networks succeed in keeping their content free and accessible through ad sponsorship, which is a major aspect of podcasts. Lisa is dedicated to super-serving her audiences by connecting incredible networks with reputable advertisers, whose integrity matches their own. Making these connections seriously helps out podcasters, who would otherwise need to focus considerable amounts of time and energy on finding their own advertisers.

Since the inception of Artisanal Agency, Lisa Laporte has operated on a team-based sales model that fully aligns with the agency’s mission. Lisa encourages her team to embrace a lifestyle of partnering with amazing people, setting realistic expectations, and meeting goals. Ultimately, Lisa Laporte aims to be the best in this business by developing win-win strategies for networks and advertisers. For recent information on some of Lisa’s work, check out her IdeaMensch interview.