Although technology continues to grow at a rapid pace, the trend for digital marketing in 2020 will focus on people. Today, customers do not just want to buy a product from a company, they want to experience a product or service. Since the term marketing continues to evolve, it is critically important to build long-term relationships with customers, and companies are increasingly turning to digital marketing to form those bonds.

Consumers have more power today thanks to the growth of content on the internet. With this power, customers do not need companies to tell them their product or service is the best or why they should choose a certain company over another. Instead, customers are using the internet to find out for themselves. Consumers in 2020 will want more than information. They will find a company who can give them an experience.

So, what exactly is a customer experience, and how do companies build a digital marketing strategy in 2020 around this experience? Although the term “customer experience” is interpreted differently among many marketing gurus, some fundamentals remain the same.

Many consumers today want their customer experience to include up-to-date technology, easy payment options, a user-friendly mobile app and a reputable brand image. Content that provides consumers with knowledge instead of ad or sales copy is another important piece of the customer experience puzzle. A digital marketing strategy in 2020 must include a customer experience to attract and secure new business.

Companies without a digital presence in 2020 could lose big money. Since more than half the population of the world is online, companies are almost required to have some type of digital marketing strategy. Customers who interact with brands today tend to do it online using their mobile devices than they do in person, and they want a personalized interaction.

Traditional advertising avenues such as print, radio and television are not able to deliver the kind of personalized experience many customers want today. Advanced data collection using AI, social media platforms and other online avenues make it easy to personalize a consumer’s experience.

Digital marketing is practically a necessity for companies in today’s technology-driven society. For companies to boost their brand awareness and build customer relationships, they must transform their marketing strategy to include a digital presence.

Photo by Aaron Sebastian on Unsplash