Marketing can be a fairly competitive industry and you might find it difficult to secure a marketing job, especially if you’re just starting out in the industry. Everyone knows it’s important to have a great resume, some experience, and an engaging personality, but if everyone possesses these traits, how can you stand out from your competition? The marketing industry is growing, which is a good sign, but it also means that plenty of people will be entering this new field looking for a job. Lots of these people are strong candidates, so it’s important you present yourself in the best way in order to secure a marketing job.

Evaluate yourself

Before embarking on your search for marketing jobs, step back and evaluate yourself. Figure out exactly what type of job and workplace you’re looking for and what your main strengths are. Is there anywhere you can improve or do differently? Once you have a clear idea of what kind of marketing job you’re looking for and are confident in your abilities, start looking for jobs.

Research companies

As you find open positions or companies you think you might want to work for, take time to do research on the background of these organizations and what your job will entail. The better you understand a company, the more easily you’ll be able to talk about why you’re a good fit for the position during an interview. Find a company’s mission statement and study the keywords they use in their job posting then make sure to create a resume and show that you fit into the company’s goals.

Stay consistent

Ultimately, this means you want a consistent look to your entire brand. From what you say on your resume, to how you present yourself, to your online presence, employers like to see consistency. This detail is even more important when you’re working in marketing, because companies care that you market yourself accurately.

Interact during the interview

It’s important to have well-thought out answers to the interviewer’s questions, but it’s also important to show your own personality while you’re being interviewed. Standing out doesn’t mean continuously making jokes or being obnoxious, but you should ask questions and add a personal touch to your answers or what you say about yourself. When you ask lots of questions, it’s clear you care about the job and company.

Learn constantly

Whether or not you get a job, it’s important to keep learning. Even once you’re a full-time employee, make time to take classes, read up on industry news, or read lots of books about something related to your field. The more you learn, the more of an asset you’ll become in the job market. There’s always more to learn, so keep doing it!

Use your marketing knowledge

In the end, when you’re trying to stand out for a job in marketing, you’re using the same skills you’d use as an actual marketer. Utilize your marketing skills to convince your potential employers you’re the best choice for the job and know exactly what you’re doing. Being able to effectively market yourself means you’ll be able to market the product and company once you have a job!