LinkedIn is one of the great professional social media platforms that can be utilized for corporate and individual branding and marketing. When correctly utilized, LinkedIn can help a business to create the right networks with potential clients, other businesses, and employees. The bulk of the work, when it comes to marketing your company on LinkedIn, lies with using the right approach. Here’s an overview of key tips to get you started.

Creating a company page

The first thing to do is to create a comprehensive LinkedIn company profile page that details every aspect of the company. Attention to detail should be put on particular areas, such as writing the company’s summary or the ‘About Us’ section. Products and services that the company deals with should also be included in the form of descriptions and images.

Page optimization

Depending on the objective targeted, the company should invest in LinkedIn page optimization, both within LinkedIn and on other sites. Page optimization implies that web users using LinkedIn or other search engines to search for particular content, products, or services will be directed to the company’s page. Implementing search engine optimization on the company’s page involves inserting keywords and phrases that potential customers may use when searching the internet. It also involves cross-linking the company’s page on content published elsewhere to help boost its ranking in search results. Sharing the page’s content on multiple platforms, such as blogs and other social media platforms, can also achieve similar results.

Adding/seeking for followers

The more the amount of the company’s LinkedIn page followers, the higher the prospects of the page achieving its purpose of marketing and branding. When adding followers, it is important to start with the company’s management and employees as they act as the biggest advocates or brand ambassadors for the company. The followers who are internal to the company should promote the company’s page by sharing its content and profile in other social media networks to attract more viewership and followership.

Investing in page engagement

To remain relevant and achieve its objective, the page should be put to good use as far as public and followers’ engagement is concerned. This involves creating high-quality search engine optimized content that is enriched with media, such as videos and images. To extend the page’s reach within the web, the best content should be sponsored within LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for extensive viewership.

Photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator on Unsplash.