In this article we take a look on how to make better online ads. If you’re in the advertising business or simply looking to enhance your online business via Google Adwords, then there’s some tips to ponder to dramatically improve your response. Below are five tips to consider implementing in order to further your ad reach.

Write plenty of ads

As you’re planning out online ads, you’ll want to write at least 20 ads. This is because when people use Adwords, they don’t typically write enough ads when they first start. This error results to typing headlines that aren’t as effective as they could have been. If you sacrifice a bit of time to come up with creative ads at first, then you’ll have the opportunity to choose the best ones from the group.

Always aim to do better

Set a personal goal of trying to beat your best performing ad. It’s common to fall into the trap of not continuing to be creative with your ads after you have found a successful one. However, it’s encouraged to write a new ad each week to see if you can achieve better results. This constant hard work ethic can improve your sales.

Pay attention to formatting

In your headline, every word should start with a capital letter. Although this detail may seem insignificant, it has been reported that this minor change has increased results by as much as 40 percent. It is worth mentioning that this minuscule change doesn’t work all the time, but it’s definitely worth experimenting with.

Experiment with URLs

Utilizing different url addresses at the bottom of each ad can have a positive effect on your click through rate. It is recommended to get creative with urls and keep trying different ones until you can determine which address pulls the hardest. Another tip is to consider putting the name of the product or the benefit of it in the web address.

Be on the top

When choosing a location for your ad, it’s shown that advertising at the top of the page has great benefits. Placing ads at the top may be more costly; however, the increased response will justify the expense because the response will be significant. Simply put, most product categories with ads placed on the top tend to get clicked much more than common ads that are placed on the side.

Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash