Whether you’re still in school or thinking of switching careers, you might be wondering whether or not you should pursue a future in marketing. Over the last several years, marketing has changed considerably, mostly due to the development of technology. New marketing trends are constantly developing and the industry is still fast-paced. Even if you don’t have much experience with marketing, that doesn’t mean you should write it off as your future career; it could still be something you love. Consider some of these questions as you decide whether or not a career in marketing is for you.

Can you write well?

When you first think of marketing, being able to write well might not be a skill that immediately comes to mind. However, it’s very important for being able to convey messages. Being able to write well as a marketer doesn’t mean that you can write eloquent essays; it means you know how to create a succinct, attractive message that makes people want to try a product or service. Using proper grammar is a must, as is knowing how to create a tagline or phrase that sounds pleasing.

Do you have a wide range of skills?

While you’ll focus on a specific niche as a marketer, it’s also important that you possess various skills. Can you multitask? Do you know how to use most social media platforms? Can you edit a website? What about graphic design or photography skills? These are just a few examples of the various skills you’ll need to have in order to be a successful marketer. If you don’t have the skills necessary, it’s not too late to develop them, but you should focus on that before you attempt to make a career in marketing.

Are you willing to take risks?

Risk taking is one of the most important parts of being a marketer. You need to be able to evaluate and decide if you should take a calculated risk with a specific type of marketing. Without risks, no developments will be made and you won’t develop a name for your company. Just remember to avoid any risks that could be too controversial or could tank the company.

Can you continually learn?

As a marketer, you’ll need to continually learn new techniques of marketing your product. If you’re able to research and read up on new methods or concepts, you’ll do well as a marketer because the industry is constantly developing and requires individuals who can adapt to these changes well.

Do you embrace creativity?

One of the main traits of a marketer is being creative. If you have an eye for creating attractive advertisements and can do so consistently, you have one of the skills that’s vital to this career choice. A lot of marketing involves creativity, so this is one of the most important skills you could have to ensure your success.

Can you interact well with others?

In marketing, you’ll be interacting with lots of other people, whether it’s your co-workers, consumers, or people you’re pitching ideas to. If you’re charismatic and can function well in crowds, you’ll be able to thrive as a marketer and work a room.