For small businesses that focus on local customers, it’s vitally important to understand how to best market to the area around your business. This necessity is especially important for relatively new businesses that haven’t had a chance to build up a reputation and are competing with larger or more established companies. Learn how to draw in local customers and you’ll see your small business thrive. Follow these tips to improve your local marketing efforts.

Utilize Facebook ads

Facebook ads can be incredibly beneficial for your local business, especially as you identify your target audience. Some generations use Facebook much more than others, so do your research ahead of time. If you determine that Facebook ads could be useful for your business, take the time to craft a quality, informative ad and then use Facebook’s ad targeting to direct your ad toward the exact people who you want to see it.

Create local content

If you want to engage local people, you need to create content that they find useful. As you create blog posts or videos, think of ways you can make these pieces of content more specific to the people in your area. What would they find useful? How can your business met their specific needs?

Highlight time sensitivity

People are more likely to patronize a business or buy a product if there’s a time limit on the deal that’s being offered. Consider running a short promotion for your business. For a restaurant, you could offer the first hundred people some kind of discount or a free beverage. You could offer coupons that can only be used during a specific time period. Determine what would work best for your business.

Have consistent information

Far too many local businesses do not have consistent information across their websites and social profiles. Many have half finished Facebook business pages that do not list accurate hours or information. Take the time to make sure your business website is up-to-date and that people can easily find out where your business is, how to contact it, and what hours you’re open.

Use social profiles

Take the time to research what social profiles your target audience use the most. Make sure your business has a presence on those profiles and your information is correct. It’s also a good idea to regularly update those profiles to share changes to your business, events you may be having, or simply generate activity.

Share positive reviews

For local businesses, people want to know that the others around them endorse those businesses. When you receive a positive review, share it on your profiles and website so other potential customers can see it.