For any brick-and-mortar business, Google My Business is a great resource that can help you reach many more customers. By creating and claiming a profile, your business can reach more customers, locally and in other places. Far too many businesses do not utilize this resource or realize how it can be used to increase the amount of people visiting or contacting your company. For smaller businesses, Google My Business can be particularly beneficial.

Improve search visibility

One of the best benefits of utilizing Google My Business is that it greatly improves your search visibility. Your business information will show up on the side of the first page of Google’s results, allowing you to take more control over what shows up when people search for your business. Instead of letting other results determine what information people receive, you can share pertinent information to your page for people to see.

Easily share information

Whether you’re sharing posts or simply updating the information on your profile, you can easily share information with potential customers. Google My Business allows you to update information as your business changes and gives you the option to list business hours, address, telephone number, and other important contact information.

Direct customers

Creating a profile means that you can direct your customers to take the action you’d like, such as calling your business, sending an email, or visiting your business website. Making this information easily accessible through your profile means that more people can respond to calls to action for your business.

Promote events

Google My Business means that you can share posts onto your profile and Google shares those posts with the people looking up your business. You can share news about a fundraiser, special sale, or some other event through your profile and make sure people see it.

Monitor stats

By creating a profile, you’ll be able to monitor your stats, such as see how many people visited your profile each month, called your business through the listed number, or followed other useful links. While there are other tools out there to measure search volume, Google My Business specifically shows you how people have interacted with your profile.

Photo by Benjamin Dada on Unsplash