New years bring them with them a typical routine; people come up with ways to build improvement into their lives, grow more productive, have a better balance between work and life, and even work on emotional intelligence. Those in the business of selling should add a resolution in 2020, and that is to love what is being sold. Someone who fails in loving what they sell must put three times the effort into their work to be successful. This is compared to someone loving what they sell, with greater happiness at work and positive results. Effective sales require energy, love for what is sold, and emotional intelligence.

Study Yourself

Do not just use the service or product being sold, but test it to the breaking point and beyond. When talking to prospects or customers, this will help as it permits guidance in seeking solutions and workarounds for pain points. Ultimately, this knowledge will help a salesperson hold a conversation that is more adept with customers.

Practice High Energy Levels

This is much easier when one loves what one sells. When phoning customers, remember how contagious positivity is. Smile as the customer is invited into one’s world and guided to success. This is a practice of sellers who are emotionally intelligent. When a true connection is made, rapport and trust will feed the customer’s urge to buy. For the continual reignition of energy, remember rest. Take small breaks or stand.

Re-learn Good Listening Skills

Salespeople with emotional intelligence understand that retraining foundational skills of importance can keep one sharp, avoiding reaching a plateau. Selling is more potent and efficient when actively listening to a customer about the product. Use cues that are both verbal and non-verbal to show engagement. Begin a meeting with a strong statement and then listen.

Make Use of Awkward Silences

While silence is a difficult skill to master due to awkwardness when it becomes prolonged, when done right, it can be extremely empowering. Remain silent while awaiting an answer and a signal is sent of control and confidence. Silence can also be used as a way of discovering things. Customers are encouraged to talk more as the quiet stretches on and the desire to fill it grows.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash