Psychology plays a huge role in our behavior. Whether it’s in daily life, at work, at school, or online, people have reasons behind every choice they make and action they take. For marketers to truly reach consumers and connect with their target audience, it helps to have a fair amount of understanding of the psychology at play. In digital marketing, psychology is even more prevalent. For good or for bad, social media and the internet has a huge impact on our psychology; when it comes to marketing, understanding this fact equals success.

Relating to each other

One of the best benefits the internet has brought us is the ability for people to relate better to one another, even if they’ve never actually met. People like to share experiences and thoughts online to find people who think the same as them or who enjoy the same pastimes. For marketing, being able to use your product to bring people together is a huge bonus.

People want to be included

A great way to pull people in with advertising is to appeal to their sense of wanting to be included. Many brands use images and videos of people together having a good time while enjoying their product; this type of imagery makes people feel like they’ll be included while using your service or product.

Trusting peers

People, particularly younger generations, trust the reviews of their peers. If people are looking to purchase a product, they want to know that other people who have tried it liked it. This mindset is especially true for people they know in person or influencers they find authentic. Having influencers create their own content and review your product can be a great way to connect with other people.

Focus on the personal

When a marketing campaign includes a personal touch, it’ll reach more people. It adds a layer of authenticity and helps the company seem more relatable. Have employees or customers tell their own stories. Play up the Endowment Effect to the benefit of your business.

Visual learners

Most people are visual learners, so they’re going to remember a visually-pleasing marketing campaign. Great visuals appeal to our minds and how we process information. Use high quality photos, strong colors, and good design to launch your marketing.

Positivity is a must

While you’ll easily be able to find a ton of negativity online, more people want to see positive content. Videos, articles, and graphics that send a positive message and make you feel good are preferable for consumers across the board, especially when it’s so easy to find negative and harmful content online.

Photo by Alexandru Goman on Unsplash