For any business, its sales determines whether or not it’s able to stay in business. You need to generate a profit in order to keep functioning, so you’re going to have to focus on convincing people to patronize your company. Put resources toward marketing, train employees in best sales techniques, and do all you can to keep generating business. Sometimes, especially for a small business, sales can lag even though small businesses account for over half of the sales in the United States. If you find that your small business isn’t doing as well as you’d like, here are some tips to boost sales and push the business toward success.

Utilize Facebook Ads

Technically, you can utilize ads on almost any social media site, like Twitter and Instagram, but Facebook is probably the most effective, especially for a small business. You can carefully select your target audience by following the layout Facebook provides for you. Take your time setting the preferences for your ad so you know you’re making the most effective Facebook ad possible. You might want to target the physical area that your company is in if you’re a small business and are looking to generate more local sales. Most people have a Facebook account and spend considerable time on it, so they’ll be more likely to click on ads relevant to their area.

Regularly update your sites

The first step is actually having sites to update. If you don’t already, create a website for you business as soon as possible, as well as popular social media accounts that your target audience uses the most. Once you have an online presence, make sure you regularly update your sites, with both new content and a fresh design as they begin to look outdated.

Create loyalty programs

Customers love loyalty programs. If done correctly, these programs can add a lot of value to your company. Consumers want to feel that they’re being rewarded for their loyalty, so make it fact by offering a reward for returning customers. A loyalty program can be as simple as money off after a certain amount of purchases or even just the chance to win a gift card or something else interesting. Send loyal customers coupons in the mail or a loyalty card and you’ll see sales go up.

Have great customer service

It shouldn’t be a surprise that people value quality customer service. If a company has horrendous customer service, especially over the phone, it’s common to find complaints about that company on the internet. Train everyone in your company to treat customers with respect and answer questions to the best of their ability or find the answer for the consumer. Even if the company cannot resolve an issue, being sympathetic and listening can often help the situation.