More than 1.8 billion people use Facebook on a regular basis. Because of this number, advertising on Facebook can be very beneficial to many businesses. But how do these businesses make the most of their advertisements without being looked over by their audience? Far too many companies ignore Facebook advertising completely or use it without putting much thought into and thus create low-quality ads. Advertising on Facebook can be very useful to businesses if it is used correctly.

Find the target audience

Knowing the target audience is the first step to making the most of any Facebook advertising campaign. Depending on the business, the target audience may be very clear. However, this clarity is not always the case. In order to find the ideal target audience, multiple ads that pertain to different sexes, age groups, and zip codes can be created. It can then be determined which ad performs the best. From that, it is easy to tell the ideal target audience.

Rotate ads

Keeping the same ad on Facebook for weeks can get repetitive. People will soon begin looking right over it and ignoring it. They have seen it many times before and they are bored with it. They know what is on it and what the business has to offer. Rotating through different ads will not only add interest to potential customers, but it will also highlight the different aspects of the business.

Create a call to action

When potential customers see an ad, they may be interested but they may not know the next step. Creating a call to action helps businesses direct people what to do next. Should they call? Should they email? Maybe there is a form for them to fill out to give the business more information. There should be an easy link to click and a clear message on what the potential customer should do next. The easier it is, the more likely they are to follow up with the business.

Produce high quality photos and videos

When an advertisement lacks high quality photos and videos, people do not take them as seriously. Photos and videos are what catch people’s attention and make them look further into the business and the product. Potential customers will pay more attention if the photo is high quality. What the photo or video shows is also important. It is important to show the product in use and the benefits in the photo or video.