Cultivating a quality intern program is one of the most cost-effective and useful ways to grow the foundation of any business and help it achieve success. Interns specializing in marketing and promotions are especially useful because of the unique skill set that they bring to the table, especially where smaller businesses are concerned or those that have a generally older workforce. Here are a few top reasons why business leaders should consider a marketing intern for their venture.

Social media experts

Nobody knows the ins and outs of social media quite like younger generations who grew up with this technology. In the constantly evolving landscape of social media, it is imperative to have a savvy individual well-equipped to grasp and implement the latest digital marketing trends. Not only do marketing students learn about the effective leveraging of social media in their classrooms, but they are also more adept at handling it in their personal lives. This kind of expertise is invaluable and is difficult to be replicated if you haven’t been immersed in this technology.

Powerful advocates

Bringing in younger workers can lead to positive word-of-mouth advertising as these students are more likely to spread the word about your business and talk it up to other people. This advocacy has the potential of raising your brand image and possibly even bringing in new business. To make the most out of this opportunity, take care to ensure that your intern is being valued and learning exciting information so that they report to everyone about their positive experience. Regularly checking in with them to see how everything is going and if there’s anything you can improve can be beneficial.

Energy and spirit

Anybody who has spent time in the corporate world knows there is no denying the power of the energy that comes from youth in the business sector. Interns bring an undeniably strong sense of spirit and enthusiasm to any professional setting, especially if it’s a role they’re excited about working in. Bringing a younger workforce to the office usually raises the overall company morale and cultivates a new sense of fun around the office.

The future is here

The biggest benefit to onboarding a marketing intern is the pipeline of future full-time employees that this position could cultivate. Past interns are familiar with your company and require less training and initial investment to bring up to speed if they become full-time employees. Savvy business leaders recognize the importance of looking within for hiring needs. By cultivating a strong marketing intern pool, you are essentially training your future workforce at a fraction of the cost while also receiving a myriad of benefits from their internships with your business.