We all have some sort of bad habit. Whether it’s chewing your nails, or eating an entire pie when you feel sad, there is probably something you do consistently that isn’t good for you. Unfortunately, bad habits can show up in other ways, and in places, that you really shouldn’t have them, like work. Here are 4 bad habits that you need to break at work.


Showing up late to meetings

Tardiness has generally been frowned upon, but if you are an employee that doesn’t need a specific start time, the beginning of your workday might not matter. Meetings on the other hand are non-negotiable. Managers hate having to explain things a zillion times, and when you show up late, they know they are going to have to tell you the information again. It’s disrespectful towards them and the other members of your team who made it a priority to show up on time. It’s also distracting when you take the focus off of the speaker which interrupts the meeting. Make it a habit to show up on time.


Not eating a lunch

Have you ever had a co-worker that was the worst to work with because they haven’t eaten? If you haven’t you’re lucky, because nobody likes a grump. But what if by chance that co-worker is you? Hangry workers aren’t pleasant, but your low blood sugar isn’t just a problem for them, it’s a problem for you too. Your body needs nourishment and you need to provide it. Skipping lunch might seem necessary for work but if you haven’t eaten breakfast and you are having trouble concentrating you need to eat. 


Responding to emails with “Reply all”

Depending on the circumstances within an email, you should be double-checking who you are sending emails to every time. Getting in the habit of “reply all” can put you in a bad position. What if you didn’t actually end up sending the email to the intended recipient? Or worse, what if you are dealing with a delicate situation? Replying to an entire team might be inappropriate or hurtful. Check your recipients every time.


Distracting co-workers

Socialization is a normal part of being human and will happen at every workplace. After all, communication is key, but is it possible that you are distracting a co-worker to the detriment of their work? You might be on a break but if they aren’t and they need that moment to finish important business, talking to them may be a hindrance. Some people aren’t always aware that they are distracting a fellow employee so it’s important to take your break in the proper location. So what if you’re just dropping off a form on someone’s desk and you start to chat? It’s ok to have a quick conversation, but loitering too long can be an overstep. It’s important to be aware, especially if your co-worker is very focused, to give them their space to do their job.


We have all been the culprit of these circumstances once or twice, but if they are frequently happening they have become bad habits. They are also our responsibility to fix. No one is perfect by any means, but it’s important to do a self check every now and then to determine if we are doing things that honor and show respect to our co-workers. It’s important that you also do a self-check when working from home, you might be 5 feet from your computer but if you get on a Zoom call late, it doesn’t reflect well upon you. Make sure you maintain the same high standards whether you are in the office or not.


Photo by Sarah Kilian on Unsplash