It’s that time, once again, for 3 advertising terms. Whether it’s a term or acronym, if you enter the world of marketing and advertising, these will help add to your glossary and hopefully take away any confusion. 

B2B & B2C 

B2B means Business To Business, and B2C means Business To Consumer. This tends to be seen as transactional, however, it is also part of advertising. It’s important to know your audience, and your marketing campaign needs to be geared towards the right audience. So if you are trying to sell a product or service to a business or to a consumer, the messaging should be clear for who it’s for. 

Banner Advertisement 

A Banner advertisement has nothing to do with seeing a giant banner in the middle of your town and everything to do with online advertising. It may be known as a web banner or banner ad, and it’s an image or multimedia object. You can find them on web pages that users can click on to take them to another webpage. This other webpage is also known as a “landing page” where someone can find out more or sign up. Its goal is to attract as much traffic to the landing page as possible.


Oh, look, another acronym! These are always fun, especially if you are truly getting a Return On Investment. When launching a campaign, or maybe having one that’s coming to a close, everyone wants to know: was it worth it? Did you make it rain (money)? Unfortunately, it’s not always something that can be measured in dollars and cents. Were there a lot of email leads, click-through rates, or an abundance of web traffic? In advertising, these are the things that tell you if your investment really worked. It may not be cash right now, but it can mean more in the future. 

So go ahead and add these terms to your advertising glossary and feel more confident in the wonderful world of marketing.

Photo by on Unsplash