Welcome back to Advertising Terms where you learn all about different terms used in the advertising industry! Sometimes short and sweet really sticks in your mind, so here are 3 terms for you to soak up and marinate.


Brand Awareness

While this may sound like a self-explanatory term, it is one of the most important. After all, as a brand, you want people to be familiar with you. You need people to recognize who you are, what you do, and how you do it. There’s a lot more to this obviously, but the end goal as a company and in advertising is increasingly expanding your brand and the ease with which people know about you. 



In sales and advertising, there are different stages of the game. A lead is someone who is interested; dipping their toe in the water if you will. A lead might be someone signing up for a newsletter, giving you their contact information, or filling out a form that gives you more information. It’s a good sign and gives you better chances of them following through.



A Pop-Up, also a tech term, is a little window that pops up onto your screen while you are on a website. It’s supposed to help generate subscribers and promote specific content although, for viewers, it can be a nuisance. If someone is interested in what pops up, they can click on it and be funneled to a subscription form to sign up or directly to a site. It’s also a way for companies to communicate directly with potential clients. The style of a pop-up can vary, but the goal is to bring immediate attention to a campaign.


Getting familiar with different advertising terms will help you in the long run. Learning the ins and outs of advertising will help you expand your campaigns and lead you toward success. 


Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash