Even though most of the world is spiraling towards specialization, there is an opposite trend regarding B2B marketers; this trend demands that these marketers become a “one-size-fits-all” utility player if they want to succeed in business.

These days, it’s more important than ever before for B2B marketers to not only utilize the analytical side of their skillset, but the creative side as well. They need to be data-driven, but heart-centered; task-oriented but big picture-thinkers. B2B marketers have a unique combination of talents that make them an asset to any organization especially since these skills can be difficult to simply find in new hires.

They can build a brand

Most companies are obsessed with finding hot leads for their business. There’s nothing wrong with that mindset, except that it tends to favor a short-term game and results over long-term development of clients.

To combat this issue, the most effective B2B marketers focus on developing the brand for the company rather than simply a client base. They accentuate the company’s story and communicate it to others, create the personality for the organization, and showcase what makes them different than their competitors. Once the brand is in place, the clients will follow because a solid brand instills confidence that the company is a leader in the industry.

They connect with people

Social media campaigns and advertising methods are only as effective as they appeal to the buyers’ emotions. Creating and fostering a strong emotional attachment to a certain company is the best way to not only create fans of the company but followers – a skill that B2B marketers know how to develop.

They know how to appeal to people’s pain points. They understand the data-driven buying behavior that is evident in every transaction as well as how to harness that behavior for future projects. They have developed a buyer persona and act on it, tying in the marketing efforts to an individual rather than a faceless mob of people.

They know how to define success

All of the emotional connections in the world are not effective unless they can measure success in a concrete way. That’s why B2B marketers are obsessed with data: they see what works not based on their gut feeling or vague numbers, but hard data that shows without question the fruits of their efforts.

They also know their product in and out. They are able to explain the various functions to other businesses in ways others appreciate, thus demonstrating the technical expertise of their area with the advertising know-how to generate a conversion. It takes both halves of the brain to accomplish this and B2B marketers are moving quickly in that direction.