We often think of branding in relation to large entities, such as Starbucks or Nike. Many times we forget that we as individuals can be a brand. Just like these large companies, we as people, have the potential to sell ourselves. 


Whether you think so or not, you have expertise and authority. As your resume and experience grow, you have the opportunity to really play upon these factors and enhance your image to others. Whether you are selling your abilities, or are looking for a new job, you, essentially, are a brand.


The goals of branding are to create influence. What do you look like to others? How do they see you and what do they think of when they see you? You want to convey the image and message of yourself to others. And just like with large brands, you need to be constantly sharing yourself, your experience, and your growth. Whether you are expanding your resume or increasing your presence on social media, you are cultivating your personal brand so that it becomes seen and remembered.


No matter what it is you have in store for your future, the competition will always be there. To rise above the others, cultivating your personal brand helps you to be seen and sets you apart from the rest. Invest time into truly branding yourself, and you will begin to see how far it can take you.


Photo by Mateus Campos Felipe on Unsplash