Flying to distant lands, eating new foods, and experiencing other cultures are aspects of business travel that make a job feel more glamorous. While there are certain allures to business travel, it can also be extremely stressful. Dealing with airports, constantly packing, and coming in contact with a plethora of germs and viruses are just a few of the negatives. However, with these top three tips, you will have a surefire way of making the best out of your business trip.

Optimize and capsulize your wardrobe

Overpacking your suitcase until the seams groan will not do you any favors. Plus, you are more likely to get charged for a heavier suitcase. When packing, you must plan ahead and consider what you’ll truly need. Traveling to a warmer climate? Leave the heavy materials like fleece, fur, and wool at home. Take into consideration the weather for the duration of your trip and pack accordingly.

Consider creating a mini capsule wardrobe for your trip. Lillian Vazquez of describes a capsule wardrobe as, “a way of minimizing your clothes into a small collection that easily mixes and matches”.

Using this idea, collect your top 10 basic essentials from your wardrobe. If you happen to pull out six shirts and four pants, you can create 24 different outfit combinations that will surely last you until the end of your trip.

Charge all your devices the night before

Draining your devices’ batteries before you even leave is something you should avoid. The night before you leave, take the chance to plug in your laptop, phone, battery pack, etc. Electrical outlets at the airport are often scarce and others are competing for them. More often than not, the few that are available to the public are already claimed by another passenger.

Jason Womack of Entrepreneur recommends “charge everything you’re going to need and put it next to your car keys and purse or wallet so you make sure to pack it in your carry-on before driving to the airport”. Skip the hassle and charge from home.

Stand firm against germs

Public places like airports are war zones when it comes to germs. With thousands of people going through airports every day, it is easy to encounter a variety of germs. According to Julia Zorthian of, on an airplane, you are “113 times more, by one of the study’s measures — to catch the common cold during a flight than normal ground transmission”.

Err on the side of caution when touching doorknobs, faucets, or airplane seats. If you do come in contact with any of these items, either wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.

Traveling around the world for work is definitely more enticing than sitting in the same stuffy cubicle all day. Even with the negatives that come along with business travel, keeping these tips in mind allow you to fully maximize your time and energy, resulting in a successful trip.