Agency and corporate marketers are excited about the promises of 2020.

The developments, skills, and tools that professionals have access to change how the consumer is now reached. Businesses are adapting to the creative ways that the consumer acts and speaks. These agencies realize that technology does more than influence what buyers have. Technology changes how people see the world.

Such influence lays the core foundation for the marketing trends of 2020.

Businesses and those working in marketing have to be aware to stay steps ahead.

A Year of Content Creators

The dynamic of 2020 is built on the potential of content creation. User-generated content (UGC), which comes from sites like Facebook and Reddit, is expected to play a larger role over the next few years. Businesses have to adapt by creating their own UGC and by engaging with that created by their own leads. Brands have to be more sincere. They have to look at their leads as possessing the same communications outlets as them.

As businesses get to the eye level of their consumer, the dialogue will also change.

Capturing Consumer Voices Online

It’s not only important to give the consumer a voice in 2020. Businesses have to understand how those verbal conversations play out in search of technology. Voice is now an individual industry that deserves a great deal of respect. The intel being collected as users search the web with audible questions converts through the same technology that speaks back to them. The dialogue that people are having is with their own technology.

Marketers play a role because they’ll guide how these technologies speak back. Sure, we can certainly learn much more about our buyers—by collecting keywords within their speech. What’s more important are the boundaries that we set as artificial intelligence takes their conversations and puts more meaning into them.

Global Interconnectivity

From blockchain to smart houses, interconnectivity allows us to gather data from all over the world. This process is happening without our technologies missing a beat. The economies of our world are all coming closer together. Whether businesses intended for this or not, brand messages are inevitably reaching larger crowds and more diverse cultures.

Adapting to this dynamic sets another major trend for 2020.

Photo by Wesson Wang on Unsplash.