Launching a successful marketing campaign is no longer limited to print mail and third-party web advertising campaigns. With the advent of social media and smartphones, mobile marketing has become more popular and effective than ever before. Knowing how to get started with creating the very best mobile ads helps to outshine your competition while solidifying your brand’s place in any market or industry.

Research successful competitors

Get an idea of the most successful digital and mobile ad campaigns that have been run by your top competition. Take notes regarding the type of content that seems to promote engagement and activity and which types of campaigns return the highest number of followers, likes, and shares. Discovering the right method of communicating with your target audience and demographic is a key factor to creating and managing successful mobile ad campaigns, whether you are creating a new startup from the ground up or if you are looking for new ways to promote an existing business.

Learn about your target audience

Learn everything there is to know about your target audience and demographic. Understanding the wants, needs, and information that is most relevant to prospective customers helps create ad campaigns that are relevant and truly resonate with individuals who are genuinely interested in your business and brand.

Opt out of banner ads

While traditional banner ads are some of the most common forms of digital marketing, they are not always responsive when users are accessing a website using a  smartphone or tablet device. When launching a new mobile ad campaign, consider sticking to advertisement sizes that also mesh well with screens of all sizes.

Implement responsive ads

Anytime you are creating a new mobile ad campaign, use responsive imagery or formatting. Responsive ads are necessary in order to prevent potentially alienating half of your users or viewers due to an ad being unavailable or appearing incorrectly on their mobile or tablet device.

Use social media to promote your campaign

Promoting your mobile ad campaign using social media is one of the quickest ways to gain traction, participation, and engagement from current followers along with new potential customers or users. Social networks such as Facebook and Instagram provide you with the ability to promote and “highlight” advertisements and various posts you share, maximizing your online reach and the number of views and impressions you are able to receive.