Business conferences can be an ideal way to learn a myriad of new industry information in any chosen field while connecting and networking with like-minded colleagues. However, these long days can often lead to attendees feeling exhausted and overwhelmed at the end of the event. Conferences are a great way to make new connections and learn new information; you may leave physically exhausted, but you can feel mentally energized afterwards as well. Here are a few ways to organize and process all of that relevant information upon returning from the conference.

Organize business cards

Although printed business cards may seem like an antiquated practice, these convenient cards are a boon when meeting a lot of new people in a short amount of time. Take the time to organize this contact information when you arrive back to the office, even if it is just to transfer the data to an electronic format. Keeping track of new connections you make at a conference can be vitally important.

Maximize smartphone technology

Use your phone camera to quickly take pictures to serve as reminders of people and topics that you want to follow up with when you return to the office and have more time. Take pictures of the program and speakers so you can recall these details later. It can also be beneficial to share information and pictures on social media, especially if you’re focusing on improving your brand.

Keep the program for the sponsor list

A visual reminder of the event’s sponsor list can help to jog your memory about issues and products you want to follow up with at a later time. If you do not want to drag a bulky program home, utilize the previous tip and take a clear picture of pertinent data and contact information.

Review your conference schedule

Reviewing your conference schedule can help refresh your memory on who you wanted to follow up with, whether you met them in person or heard them speak on a panel. Keeping a clear schedule and recording what you did each day at the conference makes processing that information afterwards much easier.

Prioritize to-do list

Within a short time of your return, while things are still fresh in your mind, it is advised to triage all of the to-do items so that you can effectively prioritize and ensure maximum accomplishment.

Review notes

Thoroughly reviewing all session notes after the material has had time to settle and digest can provide a new perspective and focus. Give yourself time to process the information before deciding what the implications are, if any, to your business moving forward. Obviously, this step is moot if you did not take effective notes at the conference, so be sure to go into the event with a note-taking system designed to maximize the valuable content you bring home with you.