Social media is a great platform that can help businesses to create enhanced connectivity with the mass market. Businesses that have a social media presence also get an opportunity to leverage the power of social media marketing and customer service. Such businesses should consider doing a comprehensive social media makeover by following a set of tips.

Multiple Presences

To increase your business’s ability to serve more followers and connect with them through diverse content, it is highly advisable to consider establishing a social media presence on different platforms. Social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, Pinterest, and Snapchat, have different dynamics in terms of the customer base and suitability for the different content types.

Changing The Profile Picture

Something as simple as a profile picture makes a huge statement in helping connect better with your customers. Changing the profile picture, at least once a year, may help connect with your audience more while also factoring-in the changing platform dynamics.

Updating Your Info

Any changes within the business should be replicated and updated on all social media platforms. Updating contact info, location info, and even the URLs ensures that your social media fans stay up-to-date.

Redefining The Call-To-Action

In case you have a relevant call-to-action activity that may direct customers further into your business, you should use this opportunity to create and redefine the call-to-action button. Some of the most common call-to-action buttons direct customers to make a purchase, set an appointment, call customer service or even request for a demo.

Platform Representation

As the business grows, the volume of interested followers on social media platforms gradually extends. This implies a corresponding increase in the volume of requests, engagements, comments, and messages that the business may attract. In your social media makeover, you should focus on ensuring that the business has a fairly good representation of social media attendants, whose job is to keep customers actively engaged.

Content Creation

The last important area to focus on when doing your social media makeover involves evaluating the kind of relevant content that you should create for each platform. The strategic focus here should involve making a gradual shift in the kind of message posted to avoid boring customers with consistent information year-in-year-out. Making regular social media posts ensures that you keep your customers actively engaged.

Photo by Prateek Katyal on Unsplash.