A rapidly rising trend in marketing is the importance of video marketing. Digital marketing has featured prominently in advertising for a while, but now video marketing is one of the latest trends when it comes to digital media. Content marketing and graphics are still incredibly important and effective, but videos are making their way to the front of the pack in terms of what consumers prefer. If you want to get ahead of the crowd and stay up-to-date with marketing, take advantage of videos. Here are some reasons you should really focus on video marketing in order to get your message out there.

Evokes emotion

While well-written content can certainly elicit an emotional response (just look at some classic or popular books), videos achieve this response exceptionally well. Videos allow you to use powerful images that create a reaction in your audience and help them connect to the video’s message. Whether you want them to feel happy, sad, angry, or something else, these feelings can all be achieved with a video, often in a few minutes.

Higher conversion rates

Statistics have proven that video content produces higher conversion rates. Consumers find videos engaging and are more likely to then click on links and feel positively toward the product or company being advertised. Done well, videos can deliver tangible results for your company.

Lots of resources

No matter your experience level or financial capabilities, you can find plenty of resources for creating and distributing video. There are lots of sites, which are free, that walk you through creating quality video and provide stock video clips, images, and audio for you to use. It’s also fairly simple to shoot a video on your smartphone and then edit it. Most social media sites also provide options for you to upload your video and then optimize it to gain plenty of exposure.

Effective for SEO

Video marketing has proven to be incredibly effective when it comes to SEO. Google in particular seems to favor video content above other kinds, often displaying relevant videos prominently in searches. Having a video embedded in your website can make you much more likely to appear in searches through Google.

More engagement

If you’re looking to generate organic interaction, video content is probably for you. Videos regularly generate more engagement than other kinds of content. People like commenting or responding to videos and often share them. You can significantly increase your following and engagement levels by utilizing video marketing.

Appeals to mobile audience
A recent study showed that a little over half of the traffic to sites is being done through mobile browsers. This fact really shouldn’t be a surprise to us; we all know how much time we spend on our smartphones. When it comes to video marketing, viewing it on your phone is perfect. It can be tedious to read content, especially if it’s not formatted properly. With video content, it’s much easier to view while using a cellphone.