While sometimes overlooked for other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, creatives know that Pinterest can be a powerful medium for spreading brand consciousness about everything from clothes to photographers to recipe blogs. With so much content, how can you make your own profile stand out and use this platform’s powerful means of marketing? Here are some ways you can maximize your marketing efforts on Pinterest.

Perfect timing

While the best times to ‘pin’ vary profile to profile due to differentiation in audience habits, across the board the best times to pin are between 2PM-4PM and 8PM-1AM EST. Saturday morning is also usually a safe bet for encouraging lots of engagement with your pins. For the absolute best times to pin as catered towards your audience, be sure to set up a business profile in order to gain insight on the times your followers are most active.

Get rich (pins) quick

Start using Pinterest’s free rich pin feature to add more depth, interest, and an opportunity to interact with your pins. What exactly are rich pins, you may ask? When a pin is clicked on, rich pins provide more information at a glance that could further encourage someone to investigate further, such as visiting your website. Recipe rich pins, for example, will show a breakdown of the ingredient list; product rich pins can display prices and availability, while article rich pins summarize a story.

Study color theory

Being such a largely visual platform, expert pinners know what kind of palettes and schemes flow nicely together and grab a potential follower’s attention. If you aren’t versed in color theory, consider brushing up; knowing how to pin your pins in a way that they compliment each other when scrolling through your boards could make all the difference in someone pressing choosing to follow your brand or visit your website.

Size matters

Following tip number three, when it comes to largely visual platforms, you’ll want to ensure that your visuals are crisp, clear, and a good quality. Pinterest recommends images with an aspect ratio between 2:3 and 1:3.5 (width to height), with a minimum width of 600 pixels.

Focus on the title

Like any good newspaper headline, Pinterest boards should both intrigue and inform the viewer. What is the board about, and furthermore, what makes the board interesting? When naming a board, ensure that the title has a catchy ring to it while also being practical and keyword-rich to ensure it can be searched.