Search engine optimization is the key to gaining low cost organic traffic, whereas pay-per-click advertising is the fastest way to get search engine exposure. The following list of simple SEO strategies focuses on crafting quality content to gain organic traffic for your website page.

Improve writing skills

The better your ability to craft well presented web content, the more you will become relevant to your target audience. When it comes to the internet, people like to surf and scan quickly, so try to use less words to have more impact. Make every word count instead of stretching the content with extra words to meet a certain word count. Shorten long sentences or break them down into bullet points.

Build quality inbound links

Know the difference between good and bad links from the view of Google algorithms. The search engine community favors relevant and authoritative links rather than unknown or irrelevant links. In other words, search engines prioritize quality over quantity of links. Make sure you’re not swapping links with sites that facilitate illegal activity such as offering free downloads that infringe on intellectual property rights.

Gain trust executing online ethics

The path to building trust online with search engines and customers is to avoid deceptive practices such as keyword stuffing, which is overusing keywords. It’s also weak to write fluff with minimal information just to try to rank in search engines. Try to build authority by sharing unique information and perspectives based on facts.

Use networking to build authority

One of the best ways to build authority with search engines is to network with established authorities. Once you’ve gotten to know a thought leader recognized by search engines, ask if you can write a guest blog for them or if you can interview them for your blog. The more connected you are with successful bloggers, the more you will be seen as authoritative by Google.

Encourage visitors to return

Never underestimate the power of calls to action on your web pages. Even if you’re not offering anything free it’s helpful to let visitors know you appreciate them checking out your site and you want them back. In order to keep people interested, you need to keep updating your blog with fresh content. You can make repeat visitors feel special by offering a loyalty program that gives them exclusive deals.

Photo by Merakist on Unsplash.