Famous people have great reach; in other words, stars sell, and that’s why celebrity endorsements are extremely successful. People have always been interested with what people in Hollywood are doing, and also professional athletes, models, singers and even faces appearing on YouTube and other social media sites with huge followings. A highly visible celebrity is a brand of their own, possessing a special form of advertising, according to an article in Strategic Content Marketing. These celebrities often develop their own brands and products and generate additional income. However, celebrity advertisements are also in high demand from other brands, mostly because of the far-reaching success these types of advertisements have. Here are a few reasons celebrity advertisements and endorsements are so successful.

A recognizable face

It’s simple to see how Beyonce appearing in a commercial draws the television viewer in and makes them pay attention. She’s a superstar, loved around the world, and has a face that is instantly recognizable by both young and old. Beyonce’s Pepsi ad did plenty for the soda pop brand, and all she had to do was show up.

Trading places with celebs

The world is addicted to fame, and everyday people want to be celebrities and live the life. Some go as far as plastic surgery to alter their face and body and adopt habits that copy those of famous people. There have been plenty of women trying to look like the most famous reality TV star on the planet, Kim Kardashian West. People want to know what it’s like to be rich and famous, which leads to them wanting to purchase the same products celebs use.

Wider range of fan base

The larger a demographic can be reached, the more lucrative it is for a business, and stars have the ability to reach out to people from all walks of life. A well-known superstar can attract a lot of customers for a brand at a much higher rate than a business professional or academic expert. Serena Williams owns 23 Grand Slam titles and is sponsored by Gatorade, JP Morgan Chase and many others; they recognize the value of her endorsement.

High-quality products and services

If a celebrity with a gorgeous smile uses a certain whitening toothpaste, then, people will want to try the brand because it works for that celebrity. The consumer believes that if a famous star likes the product, then, it must be a quality item that works.

Product brand you won’t forget

People pay more attention to ads that feature a celebrity in them, and oftentimes, they remember the advertisement and the product. A group of celebs like all five of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters was featured in recent Calvin Klein underwear ads, and the endorsement was a quintuple win. Using a celebrity to endorse a product makes it much more likely that people will remember the advertisement and product.