For many entrepreneurs, the current social media landscape is nothing short of a marketing dream come true. With the right approach to social media promotion, business owners can now reach a potential audience of billions with little or no financial outlay. Here are just five great sites for promoting new businesses for free online, and why more and more entrepreneurs are finding out about the many benefits of a good social media presence.


With a bit of effort and a willingness to reach out to new customers, a well-crafted Instagram account can provide a fantastic platform for new businesses. The site’s stylish and minimalist design cues can be extremely useful for companies keen to show off their products or advertisements, and Instagram’s popularity with a wide variety of market demographics makes it an ideal choice for companies ready to get their message out to new customers.


In the world of social media, Twitter is very much its own environment, but the site’s microblogging capabilities make it a perfect option for businesses ready to take their marketing performance to a new level.

In general, Twitter is the most politics-conscious platform on the Internet, so companies may want to avoid the fierce fray of political arguments that arise on the site from time to time. (Whatever your political persuasion happens to be, you can be sure that you will always find people ready to disagree with you on Twitter.) But the site’s many benefits have made Twitter extremely popular with both established corporations and up-and-coming start-ups.

Facebook Business Pages

Facebook’s clunky site architecture isn’t as streamlined as Twitter or Instagram, but the social media behemoth provides one of the most well-rounded platforms for businesses anywhere on the Internet. Moreover, the site’s 2.5 billion users makes Facebook a prime location for first-rate marketers and entrepreneurs to connect with new customers.


Popular with a newer generation of Internet users, TikTok is a streaming video service that is making big waves in marketing circles. If your company enjoys using humor in its marketing campaigns, TikTok’s rapid-fire video capabilities can make the site a wonderful place to launch a product in a fun and engaging way. TikTok’s outreach capabilities aren’t as powerful as Facebook’s or Twitter’s, but many top marketing firms regard it as a site that is very much on the up and up.


With its popular “Ask Me Anything” sub-forum (or “subreddit” in the parlance of Reddit users) and its vast user-base, the news-aggregation site Reddit has become a major hub for top-notch companies to connect with would-be customers.

For the most part, Reddit is text-based in its capabilities, so entrepreneurs will likely need to promote their businesses by answering user questions about products or services. (Over the last decade, the site has held question-and-answer sessions with everyone from Barack Obama to Arnold Schwarzenegger to Elon Musk.) As we head into 2020, a Reddit account is a tool that every entrepreneur should be sure to keep in their wheelhouse.

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash