No matter what your business is, you want to attract great clients who stick around. While a lot of the responsibility for keeping clients around is up to you and whether or not you deliver great service, it’s also common sense that you’d want to be working with the best clients possible. If you’re looking for new clients who are the best fit for your business, here are some tips on attracting these quality clients.

Identify your ideal client

Before you can start attracting quality clients, you need to figure out who those clients are. Think about the type of client you want for your business and then consider the best ways to reach them. Do they work in a certain industry? Are they within a certain age range? If so, what social profiles do they visit the most frequently? Once you have a clear picture of an ideal client, it becomes easier to search them out and bring them into your business.

Rely on referrals

If you currently have a few great clients, encourage them to refer others to your business. Trusted clients will likely refer other people who are good fits for the business. You can also encourage referrals by offering rewards to current clients who successfully refer someone else. You can even tap employees for referrals; they know the type of client you’re looking for and often have wide networks.

Become an expert on your business

As you begin searching for quality clients, you’ll need to understand your business inside and out. If you founded the company, you’re going to have a great understanding of what you do and the kind of client you’re looking for, but you need to make sure all employees have this same understanding. Take time to train your employees on key details of all areas of the business and clearly convey the company vision.

Focus on targeted areas

Instead of spreading a wide net for quality clients, focus on specific areas, such as industries, physical locations, or types of advertising, to reach your intended audience. Instead of spreading your resources too thin, you can create targeted efforts that’ll have greater returns. After you identify your type of ideal client, you’ll find it easier to know where to focus your efforts the most.

Start cultivating a relationship

While you’re striving to find great clients, it’s also up to you to encourage them to stay that way. In order to ensure your clients are happy, you need to provide top-tier service. As soon as you connect with a new client, begin cultivating a relationship. Prioritize communication and clarity and you’ll be rewarded by a loyal, quality client.